The LS20031 GPS receiver is a complete GPS smart antenna receiver, that includes an embedded antenna and GPS receiver circuits. This low-cost unit outputs an astounding amount of position information 5 times a second. The receiver is based on the proven technology found in LOCOSYS 66 channel GPS SMD type receivers that use MediaTek chip solution.

The GPS smart antenna will track up to 66 satellites at a time while providing fast time-to-first-fix, one-second navigation update and low power consumption. It can provide you with superior sensitivity and performace even in urban canyon and dense foliage environments. The capabilities meet the sensitivity requirements of car navigation as a well as other location-based applications.
EM406 SiRF III GPS-Empfänger (20 Kanal)
EM406 SiRF III GPS-Empfänger (20 Kanal)

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Baud Rate: 57600bps
Chipsatz: MediaTek3329
Cold Start: 35s
Hersteller: Locosys
Hot Start: <2s
Interface: Seriell
Kanäle (Acquisition): 66
Kanäle (Tracking): 22
Protokoll: NMEA
Spannung: 3,3V
Stromverbrauch: 29mA
Update Rate: 10Hz


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