These universal mounting hubs are designed to work with most 5 mm shafts, including round shafts such as those on our stepper motors and “D” shafts. Each hub has four mounting holes for 4-40 screws (not included), letting you mount custom wheels or mechanisms to your motors. 4-40 hex set screws (one included for each hub) allow secure coupling of shaft to hub. A 0.05" hex wrench (often the smallest size in SAE Allen wrench sets) is included for use with the set screws.
3D Scan Tisch

#6 - 3D Scan Tisch

3D Scan Tisch

von tkramm
am 21.08.2013
3D Scan Table

#5 - 3D Scan Table

Alu Rohmaterial 3x 120mm x 60mm x 5mm 1x 100mm x 60mm x 5mm 2x 80mm x 40mm x 5mm

von tkramm
am 12.08.2013
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