This immersible pump can be used to water your plants, make a fountain or waterfall, even change your fish tank wter.It works quietly with the sound level under 30db.
The pump has a filter inside as well as a suction cup which can help stick it to smooth surfaces tightly.

Note: Do use the pump UNDER the water.

Power supply: 3.5~12V DC,65mA-500mA
Pumping head: 40-220cm
Capacity: 100-350L/H
Power range: 0.5W-5W
Dimensions: 38x38x29mm
Weight: 125g
Cable length:1.5-2m

Shipping List
Immersible pump (1 unit)
Water tube (1 unit)

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Gewicht: 125g
Lautstärke: <30dB
Spannung (max): 12V
Spannung (min): 3,5V


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